Who Are Our Clients?

Business Elements ensures that companies of all sizes, in all industries and geographies, are meeting and exceeding their data goals with the help of Business Elements’ products, services, and solutions. We deliver distinct advantages to our clients by delivering solutions with a high level of customer service and a hands-on approach. Business Elements is recognized in many industries as a leader in Business Intelligence with our commitment to the client’s success. We deliver globally with unmatched level of integrity, expertise, and depth of resources. Business Elements’ practice is built around many specialized technologies that are the best of breed. This gives us an advantage in providing our clients with tailored and customized solutions based on their business needs.


Business Elements consultants have decades of retail experience delivering business intelligence and analytics. Business Elements enables retailers to maximize the return on investment by leveraging our industry knowledge to transform data into actionable insight. Business Elements is committed to advancing industry knowledge to our clients to strengthen the role that retail plays in driving innovation.

Lead Generation

Business Elements supports marketing teams to precisely target their intended audience, understand which campaigns have the greatest impact on sales and clicks, promote stronger and more profitable relationships with customers, and increase revenue and market share. Business Elements can provide valuable insight into the patterns that mark the needs and behavior of potential, existing, and future clients.

Media and Entertainment

Business Elements provides a holistic view of the entertainment business to developers, marketers, publishers, distributors, and consumers of entertainment and streaming data. By understanding the wealth of information in the data, clients are able to explore opportunities to improve revenue, consumer loyalty, and gain a competitive advantage in print, mobile, streaming media and broadband channels.

Food and Beverage

Business Elements is a provider of custom food and beverage Business Intelligence solutions. We help multinational food and beverage companies and suppliers understand the markets in which they operate, their target market, and their consumers.

Financial Services

Business Elements has been helping numerous financial institutions with their bottom line for decades. Clients rely on powerful solutions that are flexible and allow them to scale according to their needs as the economy changes. Our solutions provide valuable insight into risk management, performance analysis, sales enablement, customer analysis, and product analysis. By drilling down into their data at a granular level, decision makers can make better and informed decisions to capitalize on opportunities.


Technology based companies rely heavily on analytics to drive innovation, improve product offerings, increase sales, and better manage their technical platforms. The key to their success lies in the volumes of data that they mine with incredible speed and efficiency. This immediate access to data boosts sales performance while keeping customers engaged.